Lake Dunstan Cycle Track

The new Lake dunstan cycle track is here and connects through to the Otago rail trail. Providing a thrilling ride over the rough terain.

We have recently seen a lot of guests coming to town wanting not only to cycle the Otago Rail Trail but joining the new Lake Dunstan trail onto their ride. This extends the total distance by 55km but means for the first-day cycling of about 62km. Meaning a well-deserved rest once you reach Alexandra.

We are a short 2-minute cycle away from the track and offer locked bike storage for all our guests. Located close to town there are plenty of great restaurants, but if the day has you beat then we also have a full-service kitchenette for you to use.

Be sure to book ahead for the upcoming summer season,  in the next few months are seeing a big influx of bookings as guests are wanting to take on the trails. So be sure to book ahead to save your room.

Cyclists and walkers, exploring the Lake Dunstan Trail will marvel at the man-made track suspending over the water. A wide variety of flora and fauna in the summer months. Take a day once you reach Alexandra to amble through the vineyards and taste some of our famous pinot noirs. The township is a destination for wine lovers, being the most prominent pinot noir region in the country.

The Lake Dunstan Trail provides a number of scenic options and is suitable for riders of all abilities. If you are a less confident rider then an E-Bike will take the edge off for your ride. It is accessible from Alexandra via the river track towards Clyde, and joins onto the Upper Clutha River Track, and provides a key link with the Otago Central Rail Trail and the Roxburgh Gorge Trail, both of which are part of Nga Haerenga - New Zealand Cycle Trails.

If you have more questions about the Lake Dunstan track then contact us or see the official website of the track.